Class TrialEdit

Type Truth Bullet, etc. Weak point
Hangman's Gambit Virtual -
Multiple Choice Our school memories -
Nonstop Debate List of Subjects lived that life
Select Someone! (Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu) -
Nonstop Debate Neo World Program a killing game
Multiple Choice Observer -
Multiple Choice (Chiaki Nanami) -
Logic Dive Q1: Hajime and the others
Q2: Hajime and the others
Q3: To rescover from despair
Hangman's Gambit Kill Us All -
Nonstop Debate Vision of (Nagito) (destroyed your own bodies)
Multiple Choice ... -
Nonstop Debate Email to (Makoto Naegi) defy
Panic Talk Action (11037) -
Multiple Choice (Junko Enoshima) -
Multiple Choice Jabberwock Park -
Multiple Choice Press Graduate -
Multiple Choice The school trip's rules -
Multiple Choice The Reserve Course students -
Select Truth Bullet Shutdown Sequence -
Multiple Choice Not Enough People -
Multiple Choice Revert to (Ultimate Despairs) -
Logic Dive Q1: The Future Foundation
Q2: The killings
Q3: Surveillance cameras
Multiple Choice Teacher's final decision -
Multiple Choice The founder of the academy -
Nonstop Debate Hope Cultivation Plan created hope
Multiple Choice Choose "Graduate" -
Nonstop Debate listen to all statements, then Memorize Truth Bullet:
(part of the game)
(eternal game utopia)
Nonstop Debate Memorize Truth Bullet:
Create the Future
shoot all the other weak points
Nonstop Debate repeatedly press the Triangle button, then hold the Triangle button(Use the A button on an Xbox controller or similar)
Rebuttal Showdown Future Hopeless Future
Panic Talk Action (That'sWrong!) -