The Reason Why Super High School Unlucky Drew Towards Him Super High School Murder, Super High School Execution, and Super High School Despair

DAY 24Edit

(Basement Trash Dump)

  • Talk to Kirigiri.
  • Examine door.

Trash Room

  • Talk to Kirigiri.


  • Go to gymnasium for event.

Hallway in front of Gymnasium

  • Talk to person there.
  • Reaction

Dining Hall

  • Talk to person in the center of the room.
  • Reactions "Something I must explain" and "Cannot agree."

Talk to person in the center.

Investigation TimeEdit

Dining Hall

  • After the event, receive word bullet "Memo of places that must be searched."
  • Go up to 2nd floor.

Headmaster's Private Office

  • Examine space on the right side of the shelves.
  • Reaction "A way to open it."
  • Examine computer, receive word bullet "About Super High School Despair."
  • Examine computer again.
  • Examine door.

Headmaster's Hidden Room

  • Examine box on top of the table.
  • Talk to person there, receive word bullet "The present in the hidden room."
  • Examine desk, receive word bullet "Headmaster's electronic student handbook."
  • Examine the dresser.
  • Examine photo on top of the dresser, receive word bullet "Photo of (Kirigiri and the headmaster)."
  • Reaction "Request."

Locker Room

  • Examine 4th locker from the right.
  • Examine notebook inside the locker, receive word bullet "Notebook found in the locker room."
  • Examine furthest spot on the left side of the lockers.
  • Examine textbooks at the bottom, receive word bullet "Class notes found in the locker room."

Info Processing Room

  • Examine door.

Monokuma Control Room

  • Examine operation panel.
  • Go to Info processing room and talk to Monokuma.
  • Return to Monokuma control room, receive word bullet "Monokuma control room."
  • Leave.

Headmaster's Office

  • Talk to person there.
  • Reaction "Something interesting."
  • Reaction "(Mukuro Ikusaba's) info."
  • Receive word bullet "(Mukuro Ikusaba's) profile."
  • Reaction "Warning."

Martial Arts Dojo

  • Go to dojo for event.

School Garden

  • Examine vinyl sheet in storeroom, receive word bullet "Vinyl sheet."

Biology Room

  • Examine device on the wall on the right side.
  • Examine desk.
  • Examine device on the right-side wall, receive word bullets "Secret of the biology room" and "Lamps in the biology room."

If you have completed the following checks, you will receive an announcement event after leaving the last room. (The event will also occur before you go to the biology room twice.)


  • Examine envelope at your feet, receive word bullet "Group photo."

Archives Room

  • Talk to person in the room.

Biology Room

  • Go to biology room and examine person on the floor, receive word bullet "Secret of (Genocider)."
  • Examine open area of the device on the wall.
  • Reaction "(Mukuro Ikusaba's) corpse."
  • Talk to person there.
  • Examine inside the device on the wall, update word bullet "Lamps in the biology room."
  • Examine vinyl sheet, update word bullet "Vinyl sheet."
  • Reaction "Explanation."
  • Receive word bullet "(Kirigiri's) testimony."
  • Reaction "What I want to know about the corpse."
  • Talk to person there, receive word bullet "Emergency interview DVD."

School Garden

  • Talk to person there.

Dining Hall

  • Talk to person there.

Audiovisual Room

  • Examine DVD deck, update word bullet "Emergency interview DVD."

Class TrialEdit

PHASE Type Remarks, etc. Word Bullets, etc. Comments
1 Nonstop Debate Three of us Group photo
- Multiple Choice - The person who received the photo Update word bullet "Group photo."
2 Hangman's


(Memory loss) Amnesia
3 Nonstop Debate Remember everything Emergency interview DVD
4 Nonstop Debate A million miles away Monokuma control room
- Multiple Choice - The other wound
5 Nonstop Debate Wounds from the battlefield Mukuro Ikusabe's profile Receive word bullet "(Mukuro Ikusaba's) fatal wound"
- Multiple Choice - Mastermind
6 Nonstop Debate Real identity is (Mukuro Ikusaba)

Record word bullet

Right hand

- Multiple Choice - The Bio Lab
- Choose Word Bullet - Vinyl sheets


7 Machine Gun Talk Battle - Bio lab Light
- Multiple Choice - 10 lights
- Multiple Choice - The same person was killed twice
8 Nonstop Debate Murdered twice

Record word bullet

Junko Enoshima

9 Nonstop Debate Not (Mukuro Ikusaba) (Mukuro Ikusaba's) profile
- Identify the Person - (Junko Enoshima)
10 Hangman's


- Multiple Choice - They switched from the beginning
- Choose Word Bullet - Emergency interview DVD
11 Machine Gun Talk Battle - Group photo
- Multiple Choice - (Junko Enoshima's) face
- Climax Inference - Scenes to fit into each panel are displayed at random 1. Junko and Mukuro

2.Taking body out of freezer

3. Knife

4. Kyoko runs in

5. Masked person runs past Kyoko

6. Puts mask on dead body

7. Group finds body

8. Charred body

- Multiple Choice - Either works (Your decision makes no difference)
- Multiple Choice - Before arriving at the school
- Multiple Choice - Motives prepared by (Monokuma)
- Multiple Choice - Human connection
- Multiple Choice - The past
- Multiple Choice - Greed
- Multiple Choice - Betrayal
12 Nonstop Debate Can't remember anything Genocide Jack's Memory
- Multiple Choice - Choose either of them. All answers work.
- Multiple Choice - Our lives at Hope's Peak
13 Nonstop Debate Didn't even take a single class Locker notebook
- Multiple Choice - When i fainted
- Multiple Choice - The headmaster
14 Insight Anagram Hijacked
15 Nonstop Debate ・・・

※(For everyone)

Record word bullet


When you hit one person's remark, the debate returns to the beginning, with lines replacing remarks you've hit.

In this debate, if you repeat this debate without hitting a remark once, you receive great damage so be careful!! Receive word bullet "Super High School Hope."

16 Machine Gun Talk Battle - The Ultimate Hope

Present obtained: Monokuma Hairties

Save point.

Onto Epilogue

Monokuma MedalEdit

Room Location
Kitchen Knife set
Sauna room Sauna's heat source
Laundry room Swimsuit
Trash room Switch
Empty room Bed
Headmaster's private office The desk where the computer is
Locker room Iron plate on the left
Locker room Locker within the right side
1-A Memo
Audiovisual room Cardboard box
Infirmary Refrigerator
Gym hallway Shelf top
School store Bottom shelf
Boys changing room Poster
Library Desk
Recreation room Couch
Art room storehouse Hammer rack
Chem Lab Shelf
Martial Arts Dojo Targets
School Garden Security camera