Class TrialEdit

Type Truth Bullet, etc. Weak point
Nonstop Debate Duct Tape tortured (Nagito)
Rebuttal Showdown Duct Tape after they killed him
Nonstop Debate Monokuma Panels opening the door
Multiple Choice MP3 Player -
Multiple Choice The killer couldn't have left -
Select Someone! (Nagito Komaeda) -
Nonstop Debate Burned Rope tie up your own arms and legs
Multiple Choice His right sleeve -
Nonstop Debate Monokuma Plushie propped the knife somehow
Nonstop Debate Blood on Left Hand rules out his left hand
Multiple Choice Gripping -
Multiple Choice Cord -
Logic Dive Q1: Above (Nagito)
Q2: A ceiling girder
Q3: The spear's cord
Select Truth Bullet Monokuma File #5 -
Hangman's Gambit Cause Of Death -
Nonstop Debate Monokuma's Special Poison something that cannot be seen
Logic Dive Q1: Gas
Q2: Through his nose
Multiple Choice The sprinklers -
Multiple Choice The container -
Hangman's Gambit Fire Grenade -
Select Truth Bullet Piece of Blue Paper -
Multiple Choice When we all threw the grenades -
Multiple Choice (Nagito Komaeda) -
Multiple Choice (Nagito Komaeda) -
Multiple Choice To make someone throw the poison -
Closing Argument Panels to fit into the puzzle are displayed at random -
Multiple Choice His talent -
Multiple Choice The traitor -
Select Someone! (Chiaki Nanami) -
Panic Talk Action MonoMi'sNoteBook -


Final Dead Room -


(Sonia's) Account Me


(Monokuma's) Account it was fake beforehand