Escape Room Edit

You can always pay 100 monokuma coins to skip it :3

  1. First off, examine everything. That should be the, numbers(7,9,3,5), the desk, the middle drawer to get the Pliers, and a card that looks like the days of the week, the closet for the hanger.
  2. Use Pliers by pressing either triangle or y button to use it on the hanger to create a wire and use that on the bed for a desk key.
  3. Use Desk Key to open the locked drawer on the desk
  4. Use Scissors to cut up the Monokuma plush
  5. Input 3957 on the safe to get the usb and camera
  6. Use Bateries on camera
  7. Examine the photo on the camera
  8. Use the USB on the laptop and type in SMVEMJS from the planets
  9. type in 9875 on the safe
  10. use the USB on the lock next to the bars

Class TrialEdit

Type Truth Bullet, etc. Weak point
Nonstop Debate New Looking Hammer beat the crap
Multiple Choice The broken pillar -
Nonstop Debate Pillar Fragments tipping the pillar over
Nonstop Debate Strange Feeling in the Tower exact same place
Rebuttal Showdown Oil on the Floor everything
Multiple Choice The Life-Threatening Game -
Spot Selection sky -
Spot Selection forest -
Logic Dive Q1: They exist
Q2: They're the same building
Q3: Vertically
Multiple Choice The floors above Grape House -
Nonstop Debate Strange Feeling in the Tower dummy
Hangman's Gambit elevator -
Multiple Choice They were all on the floor -
Multiple Choice Only the floor moves -
Nonstop Debate Kazuichi's Account vertically
Multiple Choice An eight-sided shape -
Spot Selection area on the top of Grape House, which Strawberry House sits on top of -
Multiple Choice Falling -
Nonstop Debate Good Night Button moving object
Nonstop Debate Wire doorknob on the floor
Rebuttal Showdown Clock's Alarm Timer still been in sleep mode
Multiple Choice He collided with the pillar -
Nonstop Debate Radio Clock messed with the clock
Logic Dive Q1: The time in the building
Q2: The building's clocks
Q3: Both houses
Nonstop Debate Akane's Account the sound when he fell
Multiple Choice Two hours -
Multiple Choice Monokuma Tai Chi -
Select Someone! (Nagito Komaeda) -
Hangman's Gambit Deluxe Rooms -
Select Someone! (Gundham Tanaka) -
Nonstop Debate Memorize Truth Bullet:
secret passageway
the only means of travel
Select Someone! (Nagito Komaeda) -
Rebuttal Showdown Wire maelstrom of blind confusion
Panic Talk Action The Four Dark Devas -
Closing Argument See Closing Argument Section -

Closing Argument: Edit

Page Possible Panels
1 Alarm set for 5:30 a.m. It's 2:40 a.m right now
2 Fuyuhiko can't sleep...

Alarm set for 5:30 a.m. It's 5:00 a.m right now...

3 No Panels to fit here
4 The hamster pressed it!!!
5 Hung the loop onto the doorknob!
6 The door to Strawberry Hall got destroyed
7 There's a huge hammer
8 Meet up because of the lounge clock alarm
9 The door knob came off?!
10 I woke up at...