Class TrialEdit

Type Truth Bullet, etc. Weak point
Nonstop Debate Necronomicon did work
Nonstop Debate Tsumigi's Account broke in
Mass Panic Debate Kokichi's lockpicking only student council members
Multiple Choice The back door -
Mind Mine Katana -
Psyhce Taxi Q1: Katana's Hilt
Q2: Katana was stabbed into effigy
Q3: Spinning it
Multiple Choice (Koreikiyo, Shuichi, Himiko, Kokichi) -
Spot Selection Under the floor, near the hole in the wall -
Nonstop Debate Hole in the Corner our villain had a light
Nonstop Debate White Sheet moment cage was lifted
Rebuttal Showdown Marker Stone Sitting in there
Select (Tenko Chabashira) -
Nonstop Debate Lie: (Tenko)'s Last Moments -> (Tenko) Died Instantly with the last of her strength
Nonstop Debate Sound During Seance something fall
Select Truth Bullet Loose Floorboard -
Nonstop Debate Crosspiece Under the Floor stomped through the floor
Hangman's Gambit Seesaw Effect -
Multiple Choice The top of the cage -
Nonstop Debate Bloody (Kokichi) Other rooms maybe trapped
Select Truth Bullet Magic Circle Korekiyo Drew -
Accuse Korekiyo Shinguji -
Multiple Choice Touch -
Hangman's Gambit Magic circle -
Spot Selection Lines going to corners -
Rebuttal Showdown White Sheet I had no opportunity
Debate Scrum Kiyo
Select Truth Bullet Dried Blood Under the Floor -
Multiple Choice It happened before the seance -
Multiple Choice Angie -
Nonstop Debate Necronomicon She wanted a candle
Select Truth Bullet Forehead Injury -
Rebuttal Showdown Bloody Duct Tape there was no evidence anywhere
Accuse Korekiyo Shinguji -
Multiple Choice The Murder of (Angie Yonaga) -
Argument Armament RE MOVED FLOOR BOARD -
Closing Argument Scenes to fit into each panel are displayed at random -
Voting Time (Korekiyo Shinguji) -