Class TrialEdit

Type Truth Bullet, etc. Weak point
Multiple Choice (Mikan Tsumiki) -
Multiple Choice Girl B -
Multiple Choice (Ibuki Mioda) -
Multiple Choice (Mahiru Koizumi) -
Multiple Choice (Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu) -
Multiple Choice He had a little sister -
Multiple Choice High school girl who died at the beginning -
Multiple Choice Because Girl E was the killer -
Nonstop Debate Broken Vase Photo window shattering
Nonstop Debate Stolen School Swimsuit beating her with gravel
Multiple Choice Guy F -
Select Truth Bullet Metal Bat -
Nonstop Debate Footprints on the Beach didn't go
Nonstop Debate Letter on Mahiru only during my morning walk
Spot Selection closet -
Nonstop Debate Gummy Bag dropped the gummy
Nonstop Debate (Mikan's Autopsy Report) last ounce of strength
Rebuttal Showdown Shower Room washed it off in the shower
Multiple Choice She can't get dressed by herself -
Select Truth Bullet Letter on Mahiru -
Multiple Choice Both letters -
Logic Dive Q1: Before Hiyoko arrived
Q2: After Hiyoko left
Q3: Beach house
Spot Selection closet -
Spot Selection surfboard case on the second shelf on the right -
Nonstop Debate Memorize Truth Bullet:
other than the shower
would've been impossible
Multiple Choice The drinks inside the refrigerator -
Rebuttal Showdown Trash Can no water bottles
Select Someone! (Peko Pekoyama) -
Multiple Choice Small window in the shower room -
Hangman's Gambit Bamboo Sword -
Panic Talk Action Bamboo Sword Bag -
Closing Argument panels to fit into the puzzle are displayed at random -
Multiple Choice Nationality -
Multiple Choice The body discovery announcement -
Select Someone! (Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu) -
Select Truth Bullet Ending Prize -